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The Great Belgian Beer Heist

Perth man steal sea container full of premium Belgian beer

Hey, anyone seen 1349 cartons of Belgian Hoegaarden beer?

Wouldn’t you know it , the moment I slag off Perth, they go and do something to redeem themselves! Yes, a PERTH man has been charged with stealing a sea container full of premium imported beer. Brilliant. Yes and it’s now even being dubbed the “The Great Belgian Beer Heist” (good for tourism).  Evidently the  man and a unknown accomplice used a side loading trailer to haul away the sea container packed with 1349 cartons of Belgian Hoegaarden beer . Now all the police have to do is locate the stolen beer. Good luck with that!

Psst I swear if the guy plays his cards right he might have even become the next Prime Minister of Australia . Yes, all hail Palmyra man.


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