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What Are The Murdochs Up To?

Call me cynical but something is a brewing in the Murdoch camp. James Murdoch has just quit as director of The Sun and The Times, which means no Murdochs are on the board of News International’s parent companies. Hmm????

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Murdoch’s The Sun Hacked Again

Oh dear, it seems those naughty little hackers have been throwing slings and arrows at Murdoch’s online newspaper The Sun again. This is what I got about 2 minutes ago.

Yes, of course I clicked the link …..

Egads, they were  either hacked or have totally rebranded via WordPress.

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The Sun Goes Down

Thought those pesky hackers had vanished didn’t you? Well, you were wrong, LulSec are back and they have just taked down The Sun’s online news website. Murdoch just can’t take a trick! The internet pranksters placed a hoax story on the site announcing Murdoch had been foun dead in his garden of an overdose. Once the story was removed they went hacking again and redirected the traffic to it’s Twitter page. LOL! So much for them calling it quits.

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We’re Going To Be Charged To Use The Sun

You're owned!

Heavens to mergatroid, some lady in Spain has claimed ownership of the sun. Yes, our sun, the one we revolve around. Angeles Duran registered the star at a local notary public and now she’s the official owner. Hmm, and as owner she plans to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half the proceeds to the Spanish government , 20% to the nation’s pension fund, 10% to research, 10% to ending world hunger and the last 10% she’s keeping for herself. Good luck with that lady!

Psst Hmm, what’s the bet skin cancer victims will start suing her?


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