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Serial Killer Planning to Record Pop Album

Proposed album cover

Proposed album cover

Ah bless, just like Charles Manson, Verry Idham Henyansyah (aka Ryan), an Indonesian serial killer, is planning to release a pop album (ooh maybe it’ll be his big break!). Mr Henyansyah is a bit vague about what songs he is going to choose for the record but his lawyer Nyoman Rae says he has been recording for months. He also added “This is really a big case, Ryan’s story and everything connected to him is being commercialized and made into cassettes or books ,” (lucky us). Mr Henyansyah is currently on trial for allegedly killing and dismembering 11 people (including a toddler) in Jakarta. Boy, I hope he can juggle a career and the death sentence all at the same time?

UPDATE : As the jury decides the fate of Ryan, police are investigating the possibility that there are 10 more victims  unaccounted for after he confessed to more killings in his autobiography, “The Untold Story of Ryan”, which he wrote in prison and includes maps to the graves in his backyard and family photos . Hmm, sounds like a book to curl up to at night. Freak!

ALBUM RELEASED: My Last Performance is about to be released. Who knew prisons have recording studios? Hmm, I wonder if Amazon will be offering a 2 for 1 deal, album plus autobiography. And if you were concerned about criminals making a profit from their crimes the deputy attorney general Abdul Hakim Ritonga says “The accused, like any other artist, also has the right to claim royalties from the sale of book or album. Indonesia does not prohibit that.” Hmm, but you can’t do yoga.

OK, I think this is all to do with Ryan…sorry my Indonesian isn’t very good…

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