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Enter Squirrels

Squirrels join easter egg huntWhat could possibly go wrong at an Easter egg hunt in Minneapolis? Hmm, how about a mob of candy lovin squirrels? Seems the furry little rodents decided to out run join the 100 snowflakes in looking for the eggs, sniffing out all the candy filled ones and ignoring the ones with toys . Hmm, sounds more like wombies dressed in squirrel’s clothing to me.


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My Keyboard is a Wonderland

Woohoo, thank you burglars!!!

OK, here’s the thing, if you continue to play your Yamaha 250 keyboard  “like a cathedral” for your “own personal enjoyment,” expect it to be stolen by some “skinny white males,” one of whom was possibly missing teeth. The victim told police he believes the thieves probably targeted the keyboard because they got sick of hearing him play it. The only other thing taken was a Seiko watch.


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The Scrap Of Time

How far would you go to get your hands on some scrap metal? Well, if you are thieves in England how’s about stealing two giant metal clock faces from the historic Newcastle town centre building…. in broad daylight. The two men nonchalantly dismantled the copper faces leaving  huge holes in the Art Deco facade. The building had been closed since December but plans were underway to turn it into a major new leisure complex.


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Over My Dead Body

Ah, no thanks!

OMG, investigators in Naples are concerned that people are eating pizzas which have been baked using wood from coffins. Oh, ewh! Yep, authorities suspect  lower end pizza shop owners are using wood from old dug up coffins in their ovens. With grave digging now a booming business in Italy and especially Naples, the fear is thieves are now resorting to digging up coffins and then selling the pieces of wood to struggling pizza owners at cheap rates.

Psst Gives a whole new meaning to “Excuse me waiter, there is a hair in my pizza!”


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