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Best Theme Park EVER

Banksy, you are friggin awesome


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A Ride To Die For

grim reaperHands up death fanatics, have a I got a theme park ride for you. Introducing the Samadhi: 4D Experience of Death, a ride that takes you on a journey from death, to cremation and then rebirth all in under  5 minutes. Your adventure begins at a morgue, where you will be placed in a casket and then sent down a conveyor belt into a simulated furnace where you will be blasted with hot air of temperatures over 40 degrees (105f). Included is a fancy light show which makes you feel like you are burning. The last part of your journey sounds a little bit anticlimactic… a womb is projected on the ceiling and you crawl until you reached a white padded room and then exit into the light.

PSST China


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Cheap Theme Park For Sale

OMG Loons, guess what? There is a 17.7 acre theme park for sale in the US and its only going for $350,000. Of course there is a catch. OK, its a derelict religious theme park in Connecticut called Holy Land USA. Seems,when the owner died in the early 80s a group of nuns,who were left to run the place, got kind of lazy.  The park was opened in 1958 and boasted sprawling replicas of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden and some catacombs which all look pretty much like crap now. Hmm, but with a bit of elbow grease and some spiritual inspiration you could bring it back to life. Oh and if you do decide to buy it you might want to bring a bucket and some strong cleaning agents because it was also the scene of a murder in 2010.


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Not Tonight Josephine

Watch out Disneyland you may soon have a competitor, Napoleonland.Yes, a French official,Yves Jego, is trying to raise $278 million to build a Napoleon Bonaparte theme park on the site of of Napoleon’s 1814 victory at the Battle of Montereau. The park would include a recreation of Louis XVI being guillotined and various re enactments of French victories. Jego said “It’s going to be fun for the family,”. Really?


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Back To The Drawing Board

Youngsters surveyed thought Hitler was a German Football manager

When would I have time to manage a football team?

This is just one good reason why you should never give youngsters a survey about World War I & II. Hmm, this is the findings after 2,000 kids aged from 9 to 11 were polled by the veterans’ charity Erskine.1 in 20 thought Hitler was a German football manager, 1 in 6 believed Auschwitz was a Theme Park and 1 in 12 thought the Blitz was a European clean-up operation following the war. Might want to think about bringing history back into the curriculum! Hmm, hang on a minute isn’t it already? Ah, never mind!


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Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s Off To Work We Go!

So who's laughing at us  now ?

So who's laughing at us now ?

OMG. No really, OMG. A  group of pissed off Chinese dwarves, who had it up to here (or a little bit lower) with being bullied and discriminated against by the non vertically challenged, have turned themselves into a tourist attraction. No I swear, it’s true. The 120 residents of a private mountain commune in Kunming, who banned anyone over 4ft 3 ” from entering, have had a change of heart.They have turned their village into a friggin theme park, which includes mushroom houses and the little people dressed up like fairies. Hmm, nothing like perpetuating the myth. Good luck with that!

Psst I know where you can get a nice log cabin on wheels!

2nd Psst Wanna see them? Check out the photo at The Sun.


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