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Urban Terrorist Fail

You know what I hate? When you toddle off to plant a bomb and the damn thing blows up your face before you get to your destination. I really friggin hate that! Wannabe terrorist and self described anarchist Luciano Pitronello Schuffeneger from Chile now has no hands, no eyesight and third degree burns over his entire body after attempting to plant a bomb at a local bank. Police believe he may have accidentally set off the timer as he tried to get into the building. Hmmm, won’t be doing that again!

Psst There is video of the incident on Youtube but it’s far too disturbing to show.


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Not The Brightest Spark

OK honey, sweetie, darl, attempting to steal copper from a LIVE substation is gonna get you third-degree burns from the waist up and a big friggin exit hole in your leg. The unidentified man was found on his knees behind a locked gate at the Appalachian Power Co substation after having zapped himself and outed power to over 400 homes. Evidently copper theft has been on the increase since 2006 when the value increased dramatically. Hmm, by dramatically I mean you could get a few hundred bucks for your troubles.

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