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Now He Hasn’t Got A Leg To Stand On

How far would you go to avoid paying child support? Hmm, well if you were Ronald “Boobie” McIntyre you’d jump out a friggin third floor window. Unfortunately for Boobie, he broke his two legs in the process. What’s that you say? Karma? Anywho Boobie, who already has a list of convictions as long as your arm (80), is now in hospital. Dumbass thought he was jumping onto grass but it turns out that was artificial turf covering that there CONCRETE! Despite his two broken legs he still tried to crawl away from the police. Oh Boobie!


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Zorro Envy

Nothing like a suicidal, sword wielding man to get the heart rate pumping. It all started when police were called to a Boston apartment and tried to enter. While the cops were pounding the door, the man inside jumped through a closed third-floor window, bounced off an awning, slammed into the ground and ran off. Ta-da. Back up was called and some 20 cops chased after him . At some stage he spun around and drew a sword then charged the police shouting “Shoot me! Kill me!”. Hats off to the police, who restrained from pulling triggers while Sgt. Thomas Teahan snuck up from behind and tackled him.


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