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Wikileaks Isn’t All That!

Harry Potter has more action!

Oh for crying out loud people, this whole who-ha about the latest Wikileaks is just crap. Come on lets get real here, the documents are more embarrassing than a threat to national security. There ain’t any friggin earth shattering leak that would send us into “I friggin told you so” mode. It’s all just friggin bitchy name calling and blah blah blahing about despots.Where’s the document that has all the world leaders agreeing to lie about the weapons of mass destruction? Where’s the documents proving Obama is a Muslim sleeper? Hello, there isn’t even a strongly worded letter from the UN to Kim Jong Il for goodness sakes.  Sheez, there’s more “shock horror” about Travolta than Hilary. Get with the program guys, dig deeper I want proof they didn’t get to the moon.


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