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Kittens vs Thugs

This is going to end in tears…


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Thugs Dob in Granny

Thugs dob in granny

I hate my life

A street full of thugs and “problem families” were LOLing after police went to an elderly woman’s house to demand she turn her Perry Como music down. Seems it was the lowlifes who had rung the police in their campaign of terror against the woman.  The woman, who had cranked up the volume, was trying to drown out the loud music being played by her upstairs neighbors. Residents are angry that police would continually ignore the blantant drug dealings and abuse in the neighborhood  but come rushing when it was a little old lady.

Want sauce with that?


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Generation Scum!

Hey, can you smell something? Hmm, smells like smoke. Oh wait a minute that must be London!!! What the, people?  The capital of England has had yet another horror night as mobs set fire to cars and buildings following the police shooting  of Mark Duggan three days ago. Huge fires are raging out of control in South London as mobs of  friggin gutless hooded thugs wreak havoc. Children as young as 7 have been seen rampaging through the streets. Police have now admitted they are powerless to stop the violence and mayhem as it spreads through England. AND it’s not being helped by social media network sites  who are fueling on the trouble. Hmm, so when are the Olympic Games again?

Psst No worries, Prime Minister David Cameron is going to abort  his hols in Italy to fly home and sought the mess.

2nd Psst Take note….this is what happens when countries take away the naughty stairs!


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