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Jesus On His Thumb

Holy thumbprint Batman, an 8th grader from Phoenix believes he found Jesus on his thumb. Austin Coleman was doing a science project for school, where he had to place his thumbprint on a piece of paper, but when he stepped back from it he saw an image he believes resembles Jesus. What do you think loons?



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Oh crap!

How many firemen does it take to get a thumb out of a bowling ball? Three it seems. When Cherie Beekman took a group of snowflakes to a Manchester Bowling alley she had no idea she would become center of attention. After she finished playing she went to return her bowling ball but couldn’t get her right thumb out of it. She was eventually driven to a nearby fire station where it took three firemen 2 and a half hours to chisel, chip, saw and hack the friggin thing off her thumb.


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