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The Man’s Got Balls

Steven Black was arrested in Florida this week with $1,500 tied to his scrotum. Black and 4 other fools were part of a credit card and check fraud ring.Police say they found $1,540.00 strapped to his balls with a shoelace but were not revealing in what denominations. OK people, I know what you are all thinking, the elephant in the room, how big were his friggin balls?


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Murdered Maid

OK, here’s lies the problem people, if you kill the maid, who the hell is going to clean up the mess and get rid of the body? Geez, isn’t that what she gets paid to…ah never mind. A.Murugan a sugar cane juice seller from Malaysia has been charged with the murder of Indonesian maid Mantik Hani after the next door neighbor stumbled across the body. Yeni Marianti Sudirman was invited over to the Murugan’s house by the wife during the Deepavali celebration and it was while she was there that the Murugan’s 3 year old son led her to the body. Mantik’s body was lying on the floor of the toilet with her hands bound and her head shaven. After discovering the body, Sudirman made an excuse to leave and raced home to contact a lawyer. She didn’t ring police because she had no passport (fair enough). It seemed the Murugans just left the body where it was and used the other toilet.


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