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Tiger Spit

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, what’s up? Dude, spitting on the green is not only gross but inconsiderate. Tiger Woods managed to gross out spectators, fans and commentators alike with his dummy spit at the Dubai Desert Classic yesterday. Then to rub salt into his own wound he finished the last hole with double bogey. Bogey loons, not boogie! Woods ended up going from hero to zero and then coped a fine for breaching the code of conduct.


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Blindsided or Friggin Blind?

Hands up who believes Elin Nordegren had no idea Tiger was cheating? Sheez, she should read the gossip mags more often!!!

Psst I am guessing even Tiger’s mom knew. Hello, she was in the same Melbourne hotel as Tiger when he got blindsided with Rachel Uchitel


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Rumor Mill Round Up

This weeks gossip round up. Tiger is NOT the father,Gary Coleman still not buried and Micheal Jackson’s doctor continues to practice. Two heiresses have made the news, the Samsung one being not as lucky as the Yahoo one (40 years jail vs smoke inhalation). I know which one I would want to be. Mistaken Bieber sighting ends with an embarrassed 27 year old woman having to show her ID to police. Showing Miley without undies is considered child porn, Perez! Oh and Lindsay continues to accidentally spill alcohol on her anklet. What the hell is up with Sheen’s car? Ends up over a cliff again!!!!  AND no there is no Royal bun in the oven!!!


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Tiger Woods Has A Bulging Dick?

No Golf Channel, no, it’s bulging DISK not bulging DICKS. Dear lord, a little Freudian slip by a reporter on the Golf Channel, after Tiger Woods was carted off the course with a neck injury, left fans wondering…..”oh no not again!”

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Tiger Woods Nike Commercial Parodies

It had to happen. It seems everyone’s been poking fun at Tiger Woods’ Nike commercial. Here are a few of the funniest …


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I Cheated, I Apologized, Now Can I Play Golf?


Enough already, I was foolish, sorry, hugs all round, see you on the golf course. OK mom, lets go.

Psst Why bother posting the video it will be on loop for the next few years. Clinton will be handing over the baton in a private ceremony later today! So from one Buddhist to another …


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The Fuhrer Has Found Out

Ah shit, Hitler has just found out about Tiger Woods little transgressions and he ain’t happy.


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To Do Or Not To Do?

Hmm, does Tiger send a get well soon card?


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This Just In

Breaking News in Sport – Just released,  Elin Nordegren used a wedge on hubby’s car. For those of you who are golf virgins and are unfamiliar with clubs, a wedge is usually used  to get out of unplayable lies, tight spots or when trapped in a difficult situation!


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Crouching Tiger Goes Anime

Oh dear, even the Chinese are having a field day with Tiger’s little accident, going where no US citizen or PGA player dares, friggin Anime!

Psst The re-enactment of his wife going ape shit…priceless!


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