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Hubby Assaulted With Toast And Butter

cave womanA British woman is going on trial after she assaulted her hubby with toast and butter. Seems her hubby wasn’t helping out with the chores so, after brooding about it overnight, she threw toast at him. He didn’t react so she grabbed a handful of butter and rubbed it in his face. Well, yes, that got a response … from police. What a jam!!!

Psst I bet the dishes will be piled up in the sink when she gets home…just saying.

Want sauce with that?


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Jesus Crust

Oh yes, I have found the perfect Christmas present. A Jesus toaster. Yes indeedy, it burns the face of Jesus onto your toast. Hmm, but if you don’t want Jesus, how’s about Virgin Mary or a peace sign?


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Another Thing Tony Blair Can’t Do!

I left it for a minute!

Oh for goodness sakes Mr Blair, surely you can cook a piece of toast without making a calamity of it? Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair caused mayhem when he attempted to cook some toast. The smoke alarm went off sending four engines racing to the scene only to discovered the char remains of a piece of multigrain ! Hmm, sure he wasn’t burning certain classified documents?


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