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Toilet Door Fail

A woman in Canada is suing McDonalds after a toilet door fell on her. Holly McDermott wants $300,000 for the stress, trauma and injuries she received after being walloped by the cubicle door. The incident happened in January 2009 when Ms McDermott went to a Edmonton store for a coffee and a pee. As she entered one of the toilet cubicles the door came off its hinges and kaboomed her. As a result she claims she suffered injuries to ….wait for it…head, neck, upper back, left shoulder, arm and forearm, left leg, chest, left hand, index finger, right foot and ribs .What was it,  friggin steel?  She is also claiming that thanks to the friggin door she now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.Maccas should be grateful she wasn’t  holding a hot cup of coffee at the time!

Psst I hope she washed her hands, god knows what you could catch from a toilet door!


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Jesus Fails On eBay

OMG, well Jesus to be exact, failed to make an impression on eBayers. Hmm loons, didn’t I mention that the face of Jesus appeared on the toilet door of some dude from Wichita, Kansas? Whoops, guess not!  Anywho, the dude  whacked it on eBay and guess what? It made jack. Yes, despite all the proceeds of the “Jesus on a bathroom door”  being donated  to the earthquake victims of Haiti it failed to even reach the reserve price of 99 cents! I am guessing no one wants to do their business with Jesus staring at them!

Is that Jesus?


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