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Oh dear, it seems Germany has a disgruntled government worker with sticky fingers (no pun intended) or someone with a severe lavatory fetish. Toilet seats in their new interior ministry have gone missing. Yep, the thief removed every single toilet seat , tap and loo paper holders in the building. Two months prior all the taps from the new BND intelligence agency’s headquarters were nicked, which started leaks throughout the building and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Hmm, you would think they ‘d  have security cameras. Hello….man carrying uber toilet seats under his arm…suspicious!!!!!



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Hey Mommy, Look At My Cute Necklace

An unfortunate little snowflake had to have the big Burbank firemen hacksaw a toilet seat off her cute little head. No word yet on how the 3 year old got her noggin stuck in the child sized toilet seat but I hope her parents got photos so they can whip them out on her 21st birthday! Hmm or better yet, on Facebook!


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Sticky Situation


OK loons this is why you never let your ass touch the seat in a public toilet. A man got stuck on a toilet seat in Walmart after someone spread glue on it. It is not known how long the Elkton man was stuck in the bathroom but emergency workers had to remove the seat from the toilet and escort him out of the store with it still firmly attached to his butt. It was later removed at Union hospital. Oh well, at least that’s something, it would be a bitch to put pants on over that forever!!!



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I Hope You Washed Your Hands!

Robert Johnson, I have no idea what your palm print was doing on a toilet seat (and don’t really want to know) but that’s an arrest right there. Florida police discovered the palm print on the seat after investigating a burglary and it was later traced back to Johnson. Hmm, see, if you had only put the toilet seat back down!!!!


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This Prank Stank!

So not funny!

So not funny!

An elderly man became the unwitting victim of a public toilet prank in Cairns over the weekend. The poor 70 year old had no idea when he sat down on the toilet seat some prankster had placed quick drying glue all over it. When he tried to get up he realized he was stuck well and good to it!. To add insult to injury rescuers were unable to remove the seat from his butt and he had to be escorted through the gathering crowd with it still attached. Hospital staff were eventually able to remove the seat after dosing it with industrial-strength solvents but not his embarrassment.


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