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Something to Tell The Grandkids

It use to be an urban legend you would tell visitors to Australia…careful of the Redback on the toilet seat. But alas for one unlucky dude it has become a reality. A man in Sydney was bitten by the venomous Redback spider while taking a leak in a portaloo …wait, there is more…. he was bitten on his penis. OK loons, I know what you were thinking , he was either sitting down (which is uncool) or he was standing up (which makes it awfully big). Anywho, I digress. By the time paramedics had arrived, the man had wisely made his own way to hospital where he was treated for swelling, pain and the humiliation. No word on the mental state of the spider.

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Shawstank Redemption

toiletWhat would you do to escape from prison? Hmm, well I’m guessing it wouldn’t involve crawling through a communal toilet. Unfortunately for the Brazilian prisoner who slid through excrement and urine to make his great escape, he was caught and thrown back in his cell still caked in it. Oh the humanity.

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It Wasn’t ME

OMG, parents can be so humiliating and kids so gross.

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Knit One , Poo One

A British granny , who went to the loo at a shopping centre , didn’t realise they weren’t in operation and got locked in for four days. Luckily for the 82 year old  she had just bought a ball of wool so she spent her time knitting a scarf for her granddaughter. She also had a nice supply of  imperial mints to keep her spirits up. When shocked  workmen  eventually found her she was merrily knitting away. She did confess that the hand dryer came in handy at night to keep her warm.


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Get Flushed

Let this be a lesson. A 4 year old kid was made to unclog the school loo with his bare hands by his kindy teacher after she accused him of using too much paper for his 1s and 2s. Harsh. The mother , who as a tad irate, said her son hadn’t even washed his hands after the incident .


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In Space No One Can Hear You Poop

Come on Loons, haven’t you always wanted to know  how to poop in space?  Well wonder no more, all your questions have been answered. PSST: Did she say the urine is recycled into water? Budget cuts suck!


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Cat Poop Fail

Oh dear god


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Lottery Ticket Win/Lose/Lose

toilet 6For most people winning $547,000 in the lottery would be cause for celebration but not for this German woman. She tore it all up and flushed it down the loo to avoid having to pay a massive nursing home bill racked up by her late hubby. Lose/lose.


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No Toilet, No Come Home

toilet 6An Indian woman who left her hubby because they didn’t have a decent toilet in their house has agreed to return on the condition a flusher is installed. The poor woman and her two kids had to plonk in the open because there was no loo.


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Potty Talk

At first I thought this was Androgoth but it turns out it was a 3 year old who ate way too much … my bad?


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