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Flushed out

Burglar arrested after using toilet at crime sceneA burglar from Oklahoma City, who had a bad habit of not flushing, has been busted after used toilet paper and a floater  which were found at the crime scene were matched to his DNA. Ewh. Pity the fool, who had to scoop the poop.


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A Snake You Say?

Snake bites man on penis Samuel L Jackson, Samuel L Jackson to the Haifa restroom, we have snakes in the latrine. An Israeli man was admitted to hospital after he was bitten on the penis by a snake while taking a leak in a public toilet. Hmm, the snake either jumps very well or the dude has very short legs or …oh never mind.


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OMG, That Man Just Waved At Me!!!!

Whoopsie, a hotel in New York forgot to rehang curtains after room renovations and many unfortunate guests discovered people waving and taking photos of them while they were taking a dump sitting on the toilet.



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iPoo App Anyone?

Holy shit app Batman. Introducing the iPoo app, where you can keep a record of where you have taken a crap and where others have been crapping too. Finally, someone has created a useful app. The big question is, does the Loon shit in the woods?


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Shit Happens

A word of warning when going to the toilet in Canada, you might want to avoid moaning and yelling or your concerned neighbor might just ring 911 and that would be really embarrassing, now wouldn’t it? A neighbor feared the worse when she heard cries from the depths of hell  coming from a basement apartment, so rang police. The police rushed over and  knocked on the door several times before a red faced man answered explaining he had some toilet troubles.


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And They Were Hoping He’d Be A Doctor

Four year old Dustin Kruse from Wisconsin is so obsessed about toilets the Kohler toilet company have made a vid about it.


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Toilet Lid Killer’s Appeal Flushed!

You know what’s worse than being convicted of a gang related murder? Being forever labeled the “toilet lid killer”. Seriously, that sucks. Tyler Lee Nolet, who was given a life sentence for the murdering  Kenny Wong by smashing a toilet tank lid over his noggin, was trying to appeal his second degree murder sentence but it was denied. Shit ah!

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Pilot Trapped in Toilet Causes Mid Air Scare

Oh dear, what is worse than a pilot accidentally locking himself in the bathroom of his plane? The panic caused when a man with a “Middle Eastern” accent tries to help him. The pilot of Chatauqua (Delta) Airlines was taking a quick leak before landing in New York City when the door jammed. Enter the “Middle Eastern” accent guy who came to the captain’s rescue. The captain told the “Middle Eastern” accent guy (through the toilet door) to tell the cockpit crew of the dilemma. While the “Middle Eastern” accent guy was knocking on the cockpit door, trying to get some attention, the co-pilot contacted the tower at La Guardia freaking the hell out. He told the tower  “I have someone with a thick foreign accent trying to access the cockpit”. That’s an emergency declared right there. Awkward! Lucky the jet fighters weren’t alerted…ah wait…more awkward.


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Shawstank Redemption

A man in the US tried to flood a toilet in his holding cell after he was picked up for trespassing. Yes indeedy, he took off his shirt and shoved it in the toilet in an attempt to flood his cell. In what ended up being a useless exercise, police simply moved him to a cell without a toilet. Fail.


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Nearly Dropped a Load!

OMG, when white dust suddenly appeared in an Alaska Airline flight  lavatory  everybody panicked.  Hello, anthrax or a bomb people because every terrorist thinks “Alaska’ when plotting to kaboom something.  Enter fire department and hazardous materials experts who determined the substance was in fact…wait for it…toilet paper. Sheez, I bet all 151 passengers who were delayed were relieved!

Want sauce with that?


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