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Won’t It Put You Off Your Food?

A naked restaurant will be opening in Tokyo very soon but if you are plump, chubby or downright fat you won’t be allowed in … sorry. The restaurant has made it very clear if you are 15kg over your weight average don’t even think about booking . Blahahaha, plenty of fast food outlets to service your needs I guess? So what does one get for stripping down to just paper undies? Well, for the $750 a head you are served a meal by G-string wearing muscle men and a dance show featuring more male models . I’m guessing everyone is naked so a stripper is pointless, right?

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Cop A Feel For Charity

old manTrust the Japanese to come up with “squeeze a porn star’s tit” to raise money for an AIDS charity. The group “Eroticism Saves The Earth”organised the telethon in which 12 porn stars offered their breasts to be fondled by fans in exchange for a donation. Hello , they  raised $25,000 and probably some blood pressures during the event.  One of the stars said “I never thought my boobs could contribute to society,”


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Catch Me If You Can

Weren't there three of us?

If you happen to see a young penguin frolicking in the Kyu-Edo River, no worries, that’s just an escapee from the Tokyo Sea Life Park . The little Humboldt critter scaled a wall to freedom and is now enjoying the good life. Park officials have tried in vain to catch the penguin but it’s a shifty little bugger and swims at incredibly fast speed. Good luck with that!


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What The Hell Are In Those Bottles?

No really, everything's fine!

No need to panic good people of Japan, but it seems the radiation levels in a small area around Tokyo’s Setagaya ward are higher than those around Fukushima. Officials searching for the source found several glass bottles in a cardboard box in someone’s basement which sent the radiation detectors into a friggin fit. Oh, but don’t worry, the local government says there is nothing to worry about and the radiation poses no immediate health threat. Well, that’s alright then!

Want sauce with that?


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Friggin JeanPants

Oh dear god. Look away loons, look away. The most popular undie in Tokyo at the moment is JeanPants. These aren’t for the faint hearted nor the junk challenged. Can you see yourself in a pair? Order here my brave friends… Japan Trend Shop.


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High Radiation Levels Recorded In Tokyo

Grab your radiation proof snuggies people, the Fuckushima Nuke plant has kaboomed and higher than normal radiation levels are being recorded in Tokyo, which is 250km (that’s 155miles Bearman!!!) from the reactor. Friggin nightmare!!!! Oh and if that isn’t enough to worry about, people in Southern California might want to have a spare suitcase packed. The San Onofre nuclear power generating station, which is built 5 miles from a  fault line, is only designed to withstand a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and its “tsunami wall” is only 25ft high. Those friggin Mayans!!!!


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Where Have All The Centenarians Gone?

Oh for the love of god what is going on in Japan? First they discover the oldest man in Tokyo had been dead for 30 years, now Tokyo’s oldest woman has gone AWOL. When officials went a knocking on 113 year old Fusa Furuya’s door they found her daughter who said she hadn’t seen her mom for 50 years!!! Now Japanese officials are in a panic over the estimated 40,000 centenarians “supposedly” still alive in Japan, wondering where the hell they have gone.


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Divorce Ceremonies On The Rise In Japan

Divorce is not the be all, end all in Japan. Nope, it’s just the beginning, starting with a divorce ceremony. With the rise of unsuccessful marriages in the land of the rising sun, Hiroli Terai, has set up the “divorce mansion” in a small undercover space in Tokyo. Here couples pay $600 to have a ceremony just like they did when they were married except at the end they sign their divorce papers instead of their wedding certificates. Brilliant.Couples can even smash their wedding rings with a frog head gavel to signify the end of their marriage as frogs are symbolic of change in Japanese culture. Since Mr Terai set up the “Divorce Mansion” he has had over 900 inquiries.


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Wash Your Kitty In A Vending Machine

WTF, vending machines that wash your cat or dog, hell no! Seems these machines are popping up all over Tokyo. They wash, rinse and blow your kitty or pooch in around 30 minutes (give or take a few minutes for extracting them from the friggin thing). Seriously, you would be better off chucking them in your washing machine.


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Body In Landing Gear

Sorry people , we just have to do a head count...1,2,3...

OK, a little word of warning to anyone planning to hide in the landing gear of a commercial airplane…don’t! Japanese authorities have found the body of some poor wretch in the landing gear of a Delta airliner. The dark complexion dude, dressed in blue jeans and a shirt had no passport or personal belongings on him (hmm could be a Colt supporter?). A mechanic stumbled across the grisly discovery after the Boeing landed in Tokyo. Odds are the guy froze to death or suffered a shortage of oxygen, either way it was probably a nasty way to go.


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