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Nasty or Nice?

How far would a woman go to make her hubby faithful even after her death? Well, how’s about having your vagina carved into your gravestone? No? Well, Milena Marinkovic (75) from Serbia had hers carved just to remind her hubby of 50 years never to look at another woman. Prior to her death she had a photographer take photos of her privates so the sculptor could get it just right. Unfortunately it took the poor grieving widower some time to find someone who was willing to carve it. But now it’s done he’s as happy as punch. Mind you, he hasn’t told all her relis that the weird carving on her tomb is of her vagina. One poor soul asked why does the bird on her grave have such a large beak. Awkward!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Her Relative Would Have Rolled In Their Grave!

Well, it's a funny story....

One good reason why you should never have sex in a graveyard, a tombstone might fall on you. A woman and her male friend were visiting a grave of one of her relis at a Hamilton cemetery when they decided to get down and dirty. Unfortunately, the earth must have moved because during the roll in the grass a tombstone fell on her leg. Cemetery sex always ends in tears!


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Dead End Job

Grave robber found dead in a cemeteryA French thief has been found dead in a graveyard from an apparent heart attack as he was chiseling off religious symbols from a tombstone. Bummer. A woman from the village of Valeuil spotted the man lying on the ground, and next to him a small ladder, a hammer and chisel (so very Fellini). Hmm, but look on the bright side, he died doing what he loved and the family wont have to worry about all those damn funeral costs, he is pretty much there already!

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