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Pole Got Your Tongue

freezing (1)A word of warning to anyone experiencing minus degree temps, please don’t be licking no flag poles, especially one in your front yard. Awkward and embarrassing. The poor 12 year old was stuck by her tongue for 15 minutes while her dad plowed snow because she couldn’t scream for help. Her Attempt at pulling it free simply ended with blood.By the time anyone noticed the girl frantically flapping her arms around, the embarrassment had been complete. She is expected to have a swollen tongue for 6 weeks.


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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Oh my, what big teeth and friggin tongue you have …..

Psst This is why you shouldn’t drink too much!


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Blood On The Dance Floor

Cat got your tongue?

What the? Canadian police are searching for a British man who allegedly bit off a woman’s tongue and swallowed it while on a barroom dance floor. The man, who claimed he was a British soldier, sidled up to three Saskatchewan women and began making a nuisance of himself. As the night progressed he became more and more aggressive. At around 1.30am the soldier took one of the women onto the dance floor and at some stage chomped off her tongue. One of her friends said she turned around with blood pouring from her mouth and said “he fucking bit my tongue off.” After an extensive search for the tongue they concluded the man must have eaten it. He did a runner and now the military are freaking it’s one of theirs!


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Be Careful What You Lick

Pole got ya tongue?

Boise firefighters in Idaho, armed with a glass of warm water, doused the tongue of a young boy who had it stuck to an icy metal fence pole. Bless the woman in the car who spotted the boy in the embarrassing predicament and rang for help (or he might still be there). Friggin heroes. Despite a little blood the boy continued on his merry way… to school.


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The Gods Must Be Crazy!

I hate these stories because you kinda know how it is all going to end. The priests in Sambalpur had a bit of mopping up to do after a 19 year old girl chopped off her tongue in a Shiva temple ! Hmm, seems she wasn’t as delighted in her arranged hubby-to-be as her parents were. So she used a blade to cut out her tongue so she could offer it up to the gods in the hope she would get a better younger one. When the priests found her covered in blood the next morning she refused to go a hospital and in fact refused to leave the temple until her wish was granted.

Psst It is going to be awfully hard to find a man now without a tongue for goodness sakes!


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