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Aussie Knightmare

What the hell was he thinking? Bad enough the Prime Minister of Australia brought back knighthoods, criminal that he should bestow the first on Prince Philip (The dude that walks behind the Queen of England). Seriously, Abbott must be living in some sad little time warp where he is still prancing the corridors of Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship. What on earth would Prince Phil want with an Aussie knighthood? He can’t even get “King” on his stationary. I’m thinking “sir” might just be a massive cliff fall down from “prince” and at 90 something that is NOT what you want. Grow up Abbott, Australia already has.


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Has Anyone Got A Russian Dictionary I Could Borrow?

samuraiHoly crap Abbott , what the hell did you say? Seems the little chinwag with Putin about the MH17 kaboom has enraged the Russian leader. Four warships are reportedly heading Down Under in a short man syndrome attempt to scare the beejezzus out of us. Well, we should send our Frigates out there to give them some Vegemite and  some cute cuddly koala toys, that should hold them at bay for awhile. Alternatively, we could tell them that cane toads taste like black caviar and off load a few crates of them. Those invasive little critters would be no match  we’d would have control of Russia in a month!

Psst Relax, evidently they are here for the G20 meeting in Queensland. Putin likes to show off his wears.


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Tony Abbott

He’s all ours!!!! Funniest part is none of this is taken out of context (just too easy). What a suppository!


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Good On Ya Prime Minister

thumbs up 3As you know, this loon  pretty much hates all politicians but I am going to have a small amnesty today to applaud our Prime Minister. On Saturday night he volunteered to help the NSWs rural fire brigade do a backburn near Bilpinwith. For those who don’t know, for the last few days NSW  has been under siege from over 100 bushfires.   So far over 200 homes have been lost and many more expected in the next few days. Yes, I know the cynics may say it is all a big publicity stunt but Tony Abbott has been a volunteer firefighter for over 13 years. Last week he cracked the shits when they refused to let him on the front line despite being trained as a specialist breathing apparatus operator, chainsaw operator and tanker driver..  He has been under a barrage of criticism for continuing to volunteer while being Prime Minister of Australia.  I say phooey. Good on him. I don’t think too many people would get up in the middle of the night to do this.


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Game Of Polls

Australia is currently in caretaker mode as we wait patiently to go to the polls in September. If you don’t follow Aussie politics this may go whizzing past your head but for everyone here in OZ this is friggin hilarious ….


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Tsk, Tsk, Julia Gillard

Seems that whole “Aborigines vs Julia Gillard” fiasco was caused by none other than one of Gillard’s own staffers. Awkward. Spin Doctor Media adviser Tony Hodges resigned yesterday after it was revealed he had actually tipped off someone connected with the Indigenous activists about the leader of the opposition’s comments concerning the tent embassy. It is alleged Mr Hodges leaked “grievously misinterpreted” comments and then  revealed the location of Tony Abbott,  in what appears to be a bungled attempt at embarrassing the leader of the opposition. It is not clear what Mr Hodges told them, but gathering by their angry reaction, it wasn’t pretty. The opposition are now demanding a full inquiry over the massive security breach and what the hell was said to entice such anger.

Psst  Oh and by the way, Julia got her shoe back but odds are she won’t be putting that back on her foot.

Want sauce with that?


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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

They all suck!

Holy hung parliament Batman. While Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard suck up to the Independents in a bid to become Australia’s Prime Minister, the rest of Australia face a real possibility of having to go back to the polling booths and vote all over again. The problem is neither Labor (70) or the Coalition (72) have enough seats to govern in their own right and therefore have to rely on the 5 or so Independents to reach the magic 76. This alone could take up to 2 weeks to sort out.

Oh and here’s another little conflict of interest dilemma, Bill Shorten the man behind Kevin Rudd’s demise and a string puller in the Labor party is married to the Governor General’s daughter. And guess who has the power in making the final decision on which party will lead Australia? Yep, you guessed it, the Governor General.


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Australia You’re Standing In It

For anyone not on this island you may not be aware that Australia is currently in the midst of a Federal election after a backstabbing “assassination” of one termer Prime Minister Rudd. Anywho, it seems Youtube has become a platform for pulling the piss on the whole damn thing. Here’s a little tasting plate…

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