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How Blair You

Cherie and Tony… always thinking. When the Blairs offered to host a party for their 11 year old son’s  end of term party at their £6million country they came up with a splendid idea. Ban the parents from driving directly to the estate to drop off their kids so they could charge them £10 each for a seat on a bus instead. Priceless.


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Another Thing Tony Blair Can’t Do!

I left it for a minute!

Oh for goodness sakes Mr Blair, surely you can cook a piece of toast without making a calamity of it? Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair caused mayhem when he attempted to cook some toast. The smoke alarm went off sending four engines racing to the scene only to discovered the char remains of a piece of multigrain ! Hmm, sure he wasn’t burning certain classified documents?


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Cherie Blair Has A Cold

Cherie Blair has suspected swine-fluWhat, Cherie Blair has the swine flu? Hmm, I thought it couldn’t be transferred from…ah never mind! So the former ex Prime Minister’s missus has the suspected pandemic and has had to cancel all her public engagements ( I guess we should take it seriously then?). Can someone hand her a tissue. From all reports Tony and the kids are staying well clear of her as she continues to down her daily dose of Tamiflu.

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