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Put That On Your Resume

OK , I love a record breaking feat . So anyone want to see an  Indian guy break the Guinness World Record by spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for 53 seconds ? Of course you do….it’s hilarious.

PSST Still no cure for cancer.



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Woman Swallows Toothbrush

Oi, oi, oi!!!

OMG, a woman in Israel has  somehow managed to swallow her toothbrush. Bat-El Panker (24) was brushing her teeth when she bent over the tap with her toothbrush in her mouth and viola, down her throat (so much for gravity). After several attempts at trying to retrieve it she gave up and rushed herself to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t find it and sent her home. The next day she began feeling pain and went to another hospital for X rays and a ultra sound. Still no sign of the toothbrush. Finally after having a CT scan the damn thing showed up and a doctor fished it out of her stomach.

Psst Lucky she didn’t have to pass it, that would have hurt!


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