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Kinky Topiary On The Loose

Vandals reshape bush into a giant penisThere is someone in Ontario with a wicked sense of humor and a sharp pair of clippers. The city of Windsor was blissfully unaware that someone had reshaped one of their 10ft plants  into an enormous penis until notified by a local news station. Evidently, the mayor of the city was not amused. Oh, come on, great publicity.


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Did Police Really Arrest Topiary?

Oh for crying out loud, did they really think it would be that easy? Seems the British police have made a boo-boo blunder, having arrested a troll, instead of Topiary, the infamous LulzSec hacker in what they described as a “pre-planned intelligence-led operation” (LOL!). The police made the announcement yesterday that they had caught one of the brainchild’s behind the worldwide hacking ring on a remote area in Scotland. Sadly for them, they didn’t do their homework because the  real Topiary got dox-ed (identity revealed) months ago and he ain’t British. Seems there has been some bitter feuding between some of the disgruntled hackers which resulted in the top dogs being outed. But  I am so going to watch the movie when it’s made!  So who’s for Team LulzSec or Team Anonymous?

Psst I warned you boys don’t be upsetting the LulzSec! Sleep with one eye open.


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