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Stupid Is

Women blows .39 with three children in the carNote to self, do not take a topless selfie whilst drunk behind the wheel. A Uni student rear ended a cop car whilst attempting a selfie. What’s the odds?Unfortunately, she also had an open bottle of wine in her cup holder. Hmm, I wonder what is her major?

PSST Texas

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Royal Blush

What is worse than a French Magazine publishing topless photos of  Prince William’s wife? Hinting they have photos of her and William having sex. Dear lord, leave them alone. William , who is apparently fuming, has sought to sue the magazine. Meanwhile the editor has justified the  publishing of intimate photos by saying Prince Harry would feel ‘less alone’ when the magazine hits shelves. La bitch.

Psst 1 Fergie  denies she was seen in France with a long lens.

Psst Oh and for the record she is no longer Kate Middleton but Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.


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Babysitter Fail

Minding a 5 year old child or lying topless in a hotel parking lot ?  This was the dilemma facing a Florida babysitter. She chose the latter.


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Obviously Photoshop Was NOT Used

OMG, Octomom has posed topless. Shoot me now!

I warn you, you can’t unsee this!!!!


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Topless Fire fighter Draws a Crowd

I think you've seen enough!

When Tash Bennett saw a nearby palm tree catch fire while she was sunbathing, she did what any hero would do. She rand off to raise the alarm and then raced back to fight the fire which was threatening the Alatai Apartments in Darwin. It was only after she put out  the blaze with the fire hose did she realize she was still topless from sunbathing. A witness said “At one stage she had quite an audience, just having a laugh.”


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Boulders in Boulder

Well alrighty then, a 52 year old woman who decided to go gardening topless outside her house in Boulder , Colorado has been told by police to consider wearing a t-shirt. Catherine Pierce, who is a nudist, was wearing a thong and gardening gloves therefore wasn’t breaking any rules but police said she should consider the poor snowflakes who were playing in the school yard across the street from her.


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