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All Athletes Should Be Put On Notice

I read an article a few weeks ago that said that if the Olympic Games governing body really and truly cracked down on drugs cheats the event would not see a world record broken for many decades (if ever) and no one would watch. Which brings me to today’s breaking news about cycling legend Lance Armstrong. As sad as it was to see him stripped of his Tour de France titles, my first reaction was  to feel sincerely sorry for those who came second, but unfortunately two of those riders, Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, have also served doping bans.

Even sadder was Armstrong’s  claims he was innocent and simply decided to stop fighting the doping allegations. If he was truly innocent I would have hoped he would have fought tooth and nail to defend those charges and the integrity of his sport. I suspect his  decision to withdrawal his appeal was  to stop the release of evidence the US anti-doping agency USADA had against him. A very, very sad day in sport.


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How Tacky

The 14th stage of the Tour de France has been marred by sabotage. Some bastard threw tacks on the course causing 30 riders to receive dreaded punctures. Last years winner, Cadel Evans, was forced to stop three times due to punctures while another rider broke his collarbone after riding over the nails. Interestingly, the tacks appeared after the Spanish rider, who eventually one the stage, had ridden past.


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Lance Armstrong a dope fiend?

Oh boy, I hope USADA, the anti doping agency, know what they are doing? Big call. Charging the 7 times Tour De France winner with using performance-enhancing drugs is kinda brave, crazy, stupid, considering he’s never tested positive in all his years as a cyclist.But then hey, Marion Jones, I never saw that one coming either. Yes, rumors have been flying around for years …. but Lance Armstrong? If found guilty, that’s a lifetime ban right there!


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The Person I Don’t Want To Be This Week

OK, the person I really don’t want to be this week is…drum roll…Lance Armstrong. Yep, that’s right, people. I don’t care what anyone says. Knowing the best you could do is come third in the Tour de France must truly suck. It’s not like I am saying there is anything wrong with coming third… if you were just a mere mortal. But Lance honey, you are legend hear you roar. OK, 3 year hiatus no biggie… sheez you are Lance Friggin Armstrong but  to know that, short of Contador stacking it on a hairpin and ending up in a ditch on the last day, you had Buckley’s of winning, is cruel. How the hell do you make up 5 minutes. Oh and don’t get me started  on “I look good in bike pants” Contador. I would have packed my bat and ball and gone home. But no, you had to make us believe in miracles again. Geez man, how many Tours did you win? Lets count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7  consecutively and now you come 3rd. What is wrong with this picture Lance 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,3? Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are still a legend blah, blah, but you got like the runner up’s runner up medal. Not good enough demi-god. Fans disappointment immeasurable. Hmm, you might as well pull up a chair  next to Tommy Watson. What a week of heavy hearts and late nights boys. Let this be the last time, OK!

Psst OK, the person I really didn’t want to be this week was Dr Conrad Murray but I already listed him a few weeks back and I can’t keep holding onto things, I got to learn to let go. Like you did Lance! Just kidding buddy, that was amazing 🙂 Mr inspirational man you.

2nd Psst What’s the story with the red polka dot winning shirt,people?  I would deliberately lose if I had to don that thing on!


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