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“Bomb” Will Get You In Trouble Every Time

Man with Tourettes told couldn't fly because he said bombA man was not allowed to board a plane from the US to Puerto Rico because he kept repeating the word “bomb”. Steady on loons, the man has Tourette Syndrome and when he gets nervous he sometimes says  things he’s trying to suppress, like all the Boston bombing mayhem. His friends had notified the airline and TSA about his condition prior but obviously they didn’t take it into consideration. Sheez , he could have sat next to me, I wouldn’t have cared , I’m more worried about the plane crashing.


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Middle Aged Man Develops Tourette Syndrome

A former nightclub bouncer from Lancashire suddenly developed Tourette Syndrome this year at the age of 46. The father of three now can’t prevent himself from swearing at his kids and often wakes up shouting “I’m a gay man”. He also now suffers from violent body jerks. Paul Stevenson believes it was the suicide of his best friend which triggered his condition and thinks early childhood symptoms weren’t noticed.

Here is a little peep into what it is like to suffer from Tourette Syndrome


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