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The Impossible Dream

Sorry, did not see you sitting there for 3 hours waiting for a menu.

Sorry, did not see you sitting there for 3 hours waiting for a menu.

Oh for crying out loud French Tourism officials, save your time and money because nothing is going to make Paris friendly to tourists. In an attempt to improve tourism in the city of love, the Paris Chamber of Commerce have distributed 30,000  “Do you speak tourist?” manuals to tourism-related industries. The pamphlet includes such revelations as …. the British expect “smiling, friendly staff, a warm welcome and a playful dimension to cultural attractions.” and the Yanks expect “to be taken care of quickly, and a mastery of English.” Hmm, now why would they want to go and do something like that? Paris is nothing, unless you have been ignored by a waiter, grunted at by a local or had the “eye roll” because you say everything in a bad French accent  . Sheez, next they’ll be wanting to clean up the dog poop. They just have to spoil everything!!!


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I’m So Board

Japanese island turned into board gameHow do you save a typhoon ravaged island in Japan from financial ruin and boost its tourism? Now loons, it’s Japan, so you need to be thinking outside the box. Give up? OK, you turn it into a life-size version of the Game of Life board game, that’s how. The island will have a life size roulette wheel and a bus that will shuttle tourists around. The inspiration for this idea came from Taknanori Iwamoto, a member of Yoron’s Chamber of Commerce, who was stuck without power during last years typhoon season and ended up having to play endless hours of  games with his family.

Psst Don’t know Game of Life? Think “The Amazing Race”.


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Rwanda Is Now A Top 10 Global Destination

Come on, Rwanda will be fun

Come on, Rwanda will be fun

The country that brought you genocide in the 90s is now basking in the tourist buck after having opened its doors to visitors. Oh, how nice. Hmm, they just have one little problem, tourists don’t seem to want to stay long. Seems what the country lacks is a sense of fun.


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Destination North Korea

OMG loons, guess what? North Korea is now accepting tourists. OK, there is a catch….no photos, no cellphones, no talking to locals, no wandering down the streets and, god forbid, never ever send an email. Hmm, but other than that, you are free to stroll around your hotel room and watch government run propaganda on the telly. Seems with all these nasty sanctions put in place by the UN and US are taking a toll on Kim Jong Il’s wallet. He needs the tourist bucks to keep up the lifestyle he is accustom to. A small area near the east coast that North Korea stole from South Korea, after a tourist was shot in 2008, will be the testing ground for the first load of tourists. Currently North Korea only wants Chinese tourists, which is understandable. If they step out of line and get thrown in jail the UN and the US won’t give a shit. Always thinking!!!!

The Loon is packed and ready to rip!!!


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Buffalo. For Real.

Go on loons, guess what Buffalo’s new tourism slogan is? Hint, I used it in the title. Yep, for real! The slogan was developed by a team of of local advertising and marketing executives and will be used to highlight the area’s assets. Erie County Executive Chris Collins said the new campaign is “exactly what this community needs at this point in time.”


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Friggin Arizona

Arizona, it’s not for everyone……


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Spell Check Wouldn’t Have Helped!

Latvian Tourism mistranslates English tourism campaignLatvian tourist bosses were left a little red faced when they mistranslated their latest tourist campaign .The £500,000 promotion for the city of Riga was aimed at English speaking travellers and would have worked well had someone just friggin proof read the copy before it went to the printers. Oh dear, the posters and leaflets read RIGA CITY: EASY TO GO, HARD TO LIVE! instead of RIGA CITY: EASY TO GO, HARD TO LEAVE! That’s pretty much a fail.


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Hey Hey This Is Queensland

Oh boy, when a tourism ad fails, it really fails. The latest commercial offerings from Queensland tourism has been met with laughs and snickers from the locals with many calling it “embarrassing” and an “abomination”. In fact 78% of people who viewed it, hated it.So of course it didn’t take long for a Youtube parody to appear…

The real ad

The reality


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