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Her Majesty Is Not Amused

WTF...Not even I am allowed to do that!

WTF...I am not even allowed to do that!

Fornication on the Windsor Castle lawn is prohibited, unless you are a Royal, of course. A couple have been arrested after being caught having sexual intercourse on the Windsor Castle grounds near Garter Tower. It all seems to be a terribly embarrassing mistake decision on their behalf, fueled on by copious amounts of alcohol. Did I happen to mention they were in full view of the pubs, hotels and tourists. As news of their frolicking spread  “A few soldiers were geeing them on from above and plenty of young people did the same from the roadside. There were camera flashes going off and people videoing.” Oh dear god…YOUTUBE…nooooo!!! The party ended after the armed Royal Protection Squad officers dragged them away from the cheering crowd and threw them in jail to sober up. Turns out they are “respectable people with respectable jobs”. This is going to haunt them for the rest of their cotton pickin’ days! Hmm,pass the immigration application forms please.
Ooh and yes the Queen was at home at the time but no word on whether she watched too!

Psst The two culprits have been outed as Phil Carden and Joy Taylor. Phil was suppose to be married in December but not to Joy…awkward.


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