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Fugging Isn’t As Funny

Oh no, say it ain’t so, the Austrian village of Fucking is voting for a name change. Seems they are sick and tired of being the butt of jokes. They are forever shooing off naked tourists who want to get snapped next to the town sign, which is surprising considering most of the signs have been stolen. The situation has become worse since some entrepreneurial locals have been selling Fucking Beer and Fucking Christmas cards. The town will vote on changing their name to Fugging.


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No Effin on Facebook

A woman from Effin in Ireland is having a problem getting Facebook to allow her to add her town to the “hometown” field. Well that’s Effin ridiculous! Ann Marie Kennedy says “I was born and raised in Effin and my family come from here. There’s a great community spirit. Our best known export is Effin cheese.” Hmm, despite that, no Effin people have been able to add the town onto Facebook. Sheez, well what hope does the Austrian town of Fucking have then?


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Stand up and take a bow good people of Speed in Victoria. The locals have agreed to change their tiny town’s name to SpeedKills to encourage people to slow down on country roads. Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) approached the town with an offer they couldn’t refuse, if they managed to get 10,000 Facebook users to support the name change they would donate $10,000 to the local Lions Club. Guess what ? They now have over 30,000 supporters and TAC have doubled the offer.  Even local farmer Phil Down has got into the spirit and has changed his name to Phillip Slowdown. The name change will be for one month.

Want sauce with that?

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