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Russian Playboy Murdered

Princess Michael of Kent’s “alleged” Russian millionaire boyfriend Mikhail Kravchenko has been found dead, riddled with bullets. Seems the tycoon has been murdered in a contract killing. Kravchenko was dragged from his Merc and shot at least 10 times. Reasons remain unknown.

Want sauce with that?


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Royal Wedding Of The Year

Dagnabbit, I missed the Royal Wedding of the year. Yep, 85 year old Duchess of Alba has finally tied the knot with her 61 year old toy boy Alfonso Diez in Spain. Olay, olay. The couple, who have had chins wagging since they announced their engagement, seemed happily in bemused  love as they walked arm and arm from the palace after the ceremony. Oh and if you were thinking he’s just a gold digging rat, the Duchess divided her $4 billion fortune amongst her children and grandchildren before the nupitals (just to be on the safe side).


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