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Fifty Shades Of Grey Driver

Naughty boy

It’s bad enough when a truck pulls up next to you while you’re naked and masturbating in your car , but even worse when the arresting officer finds a toy pistol sticking up your butt and another contraption tied to your genitals. I think you should put Fifty Shades of Grey down right now mister!!!!


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Lucky She Wasn’t Loaded

She seems pretty please with herself!

It’s not everyday you get arrested for being nude in a Hilton Hotel elevator while brandishing a toy gun… just ask Franchesca Dominique Edwards.


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Little Snowflake Arrested For Throwing Toy Gun

Well little snowflakes take heed, a 11 year old girl who threw a toy gun at her father has been charged with domestic violence. Yes indeedy, the girl who had been fighting with her younger brother over a chair kaboomed her dad in the head with the gun after being sent to her room. Hell yes there was blood and a laceration. That will be a date in juvenile court for you young missy.

Psst I wouldn’t be holding your breath for a decent Father’s Day prezzie.


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Bang, Bang

Gee, tough crowd in Staten Island, a 9 year old kid is thanking his lucky stars he wasn’t suspended after being caught playing with a gun. OK, Patrick Timoney, the fourth grader  didn’t have a real gun, but his LEGO police figure did and that’s a breaking of the Department of Education’s “no toy gun” policy. Patrick and his friends were playing around a cafeteria table when the principal spied the tiny weenie gun on the small action figure and carted him off to her office. There, she rang his mom and told her she considered the toy “suspension-worthy” but was going to check with a security administrator from the city Department of Education first.They told her to simply confiscate the toy. As you can imagine Patrick’s mom is not amused especially considering one of the other kid’s action figure was holding a friggin ax.


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