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Crazy Bitch Doll

Seems some parents in the US have got all righteous over the “crazy bitch” talking doll. Apparently it is suppose to simply baby babble, not say “crazy bitch”. The “crazy bitch” doll, aka “You and Me doll” , is brought to you by Toys R Us and the letters WTF!!!


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Dirty Dora

You know what I hate? When you buy the Dora the Explorer DVD, “Go, Diego, Go”, for your snowflakes at Toys”R” Us only to discover later you got “Bubble Butt Bonanza No. 17.” I really friggin hate that! Candice Connor was horrified when she sat down with her two young-ins to watch Dora but  instead was treated to an X rated porn romp. Connor claims the DVD was in plastic wrapping when she purchased it. She is currently waiting to get lawyered up.

Want sauce with that?


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