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Big Shout Out To NZSki

Remember “Rocky”, the 30 tonne boulder for sale in the New Zealand Trade Me? You know, the one that rolled down the hill during the Christchurch earthquake and ended up in the lounge room of Phil Johnson’s house. Yeah, well it sold for $60,000. Yes, you heard me,  60,000 buckaroos! At one stage NZSki‘s bid was removed because they thought it was a hoax but it wasn’t. They are now planning to haul the big old rock to Mt Hutt and put on display at their car park. Hmm, and someone is even knitting a hat for it. Bravo guys.

Psst All the money is going to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal.

Want sauce with that?


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Woman Sells Her Depression On Trade Me

It's all yours

A woman in New Zealand has sold her illness on Trade Me for $155. Atta girl. The 29 year old who suffers from depression wrote on the listing “My depression won’t let you down. It will rear its ugly head at regular intervals. You can call it the Black Dog if you like. At its severest, you won’t be able to get out of bed to shower, change your underwear or clean your teeth.” She was also kind enough to estimate the monthly cost of keeping her illness “under wraps”, which was about $500 (if you don’t include time off work). Despite the winning bidder recieving a transfer of ownership form for the depression there were no guarantees it would hang around.

Psst The money was donated to the Movember Foundation.


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Bottled Ghosts Up For Auction

Not the kind of spirits I want in a bottle, thank you!

OK loons have I got a bargain for you. On the Trade Me online auction site someone is offering two vials, yes that’s right, TWO vials, containing the spirits of ghosts exorcised from a house in New Zealand. Geez, New Zealand friggin ghosts eh! How cool would that be, your own haunting in a bottle. Hmm, they could come in handy, especially if you have a neighbor you don’t like. The spirits should remain harmless as so long as they stay  soaking in the holy water which is also in the vials. If not BOO!
OK here’s the low down on the ghosts who were captured by an exorcist from some spiritualist church. Ghost number one is believed to be Les Graham who died in the house in the 1920’s and loves nothing better to do with his time than pop up and spook people.
Ghost number 2 is a little girl who loves moving things around and turning things on and off. She was captured during an Ouija board session. The unknown seller wants them friggin gone because they scare the beejeezus out of him/her. OK loons, do us proud check out the auction  under “two captured ghosts” oh and don’t forget to read the Q&A section, priceless!

Psst You reckon those ghosts won’t be pissed when they are let out.

UPDATE The auction had ended and the ghosts sold for $1,983.


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