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The Trademark The US Office Rejected

How do you get rejected by the US patent office? Hmm, well try naming your product Comfyballs. Yes, the Norwegian undies company has been told that their brand name is way too “vulgar” to trademark. Oh for crying out loud, Comfyscrotum, yes, but Comfyballs…. come on. I suppose they should be grateful they don’t have a female range. šŸ˜Æ



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Friggin Facebook

Oh for the love of McDonalds, Facebook are currently trying to trademark the word “face” and “book” to stop either one being used by other people for website titles and domain names.Oh give me a break. Can the law slap itself in the face head for allowing such nonsense. Already Teachbook.com and Placebook.com have been forced to change their names.It’s worth a mass friggin defriending I say.


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