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Fat Finger Error Indeed

Holy blowfish sushi Batman, a trader at the Japanese branch of the Swiss bank UBS made a big boo-boo. Instead of ordering £220,000 worth of bonds he ordered £22 billion (whoops).Luckily for the unnamed trader it was done out of trading hours and the error was picked up. Hmm, not so lucky are previous “fat finger” errors (blame the friggin computer) in 2005 a dyslexic trader for Mizuho put 610,000 shares on the market for 1 yen instead of 1 share for 610,000 yen. That little mistake cost the company 40.5 billion yen (hate to be at that share holders meeting!). Ooh and 2001 a Lehman Brothers dealer wiped £30 billion off the London stock exchange after ordering shares sales in two companies 100 times larger than intended. Blame them fat fingers!

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