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Cladding Nightmare

If you thought the Grenfell Tower tragedy couldn’t get much worse, think again. The makers of the combustible cladding have revealed the insulation used on the cladding (that burned like match sticks) is also highly TOXIC. And by toxic I mean hydrogen cyanide. Seriously, why on earth would anyone produce a highly flamable and toxic cladding for buildings? . I fear this tragedy is far from over.


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Bad Timing For Newsreader Giggles

An Aussie newsreader got the fit of the giggles while reading tragic news stories after her co anchor made a joke just prior to her going on air . Awkward warning ….


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Reno Airshow Tragedy

Breaking News – There are unconfirmed reports that 12 people are dead and up to 75 injured after a plane crashed in front of a grandstand at the Reno National Championship Air Races. Video footage already posted on Youtube shows the plane plunging vertically into the ground sending debris over a wide area. The the P51 Mustang was being flown by 74 year old pilot Jimmy Leeward.

UPDATE : 3 confirmed dead, including the pilot and 12 in critical condition in hospital.

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Kimberley Ultramarathon Tragedy

The Kimberley “Racing the Planet” Ultrmarathon has been cancelled after 4 runners suffered serious burns when they became trapped in a gorge during a bushfire. The competitors, 2 men and 2 women,  were running through the gorge during the 100km event when a fire whipped up and caught them by surprise, leaving them with nowhere to hide. Both women have suffered 60-80 percent burns to their bodies, whilst the 2 men have 10-20 percent burns.  This event was suppose to showcase the Western Australian region to the world. Thoughts and prayers.


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OK, here’s the thing friends, when your mate is laying dying after a drinking game, don’t strip him and then write all over him with permanent marker. Sheez, the poor parents had to bury their son, Nick Barnes (15), with people’s names scrawled on his butt and ‘I love you Nick’ on his chest.The man who supplied the teens with alcohol is currently being charged with supplying alcohol, failing to call for help and manslaughter.


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Hey, Want to See My Party Trick?

You know what I hate? When guests at a Russian wedding decided to play Russian Roulette in front of a horrified bride and groom not knowing the gun was loaded. I really hate that. Evidently one of the guests, who was giving a toast, put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger thinking it was empty, he then passed it to another guest who pulled the trigger and kaboom! A rubber bullet exploded into his skull causing brain damage and paralysis. The video clip of the incident has been posted on Youtube but I think it is inappropriate to show it here but if you are curious click here. The man who owned the gun has been arrested “I expected lots of applause after I did it and never guess someone would repeat it.”


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