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Uber Cat Women

pooHow many cats can you fit into a small trailer home? Well, two women in Chickamauga, Georgia managed to squeeze 160 of them into theirs . Evidently the poop was a foot high in some areas of the home. The discovery was made after neighbors complained of cat piss smells coming from the home.  The women told officials that there were already around a dozen cats living in the trailer before they moved in and they decided to let them stay. Hmm, well on the bright side,  at least there wouldn’t have been any mice.


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So That’s Why The Dishes Were Piling Up

Man lived with corpse in trailer homeOK, we know times are tough but living for months with a corpse on the sofa in your trailer home is just plain wrong. The body of the elderly woman was found during the serving of an eviction notice. The man who lived with her was arrested for all the things he failed to do following her death from natural causes.


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