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Mind The Gap

A Russian law student has had it with men manspreading on trains and has taken action into her own hands. Armed with a bottle of water mixed with bleach she is “spray crotching” offenders. Yes, you heard me, she is walking up and down aisles of trains and splashing any man who dares spread his legs to an unacceptable width in the crotch. The mixture is guaranteed to leave the area in question bleached. Manspread shaming has just been taken to a new level. So far no one has reported her because let’s face it, who is going to go to the police?

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Perth Gets All Rainbowy Over A Train Ride

This is what happens in my home town every Monday morning on the way to work. Our whole city has sing-a-longs on the public transport systems because it is the happiest place in the world. OK, not really , but some clowns thought they would give it a try. Onya Perth.


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People Come To The Rescue

This is what happens in Perth if you don’t mind the gap … One, two, three,  push. OMG, I am so glad that has never happened to me, how embarrassing.


Best comments  in today’s newspapers ….hilarious

In Seattle 400 police, firemen, and ambulance dudes would have turned up, and after spending a week holding press conferences and demolishing the entire station Homeland security would have raided his house and read his emails, the police would have shot him, and the hospital ER would have given his wife a bill for a million dollars for confirming that he had a sore leg before he was shot.

If that was England, he’d have been robbed. Then fined for trespassing.

Right wingers would have left him and spat at him and probably blamed him for not looking.

In England they would have all been cautioned for not filling out a risk assessment !

It’s pretty simple. Stuck idiot = late for work. Solution: remove idiot.

Feeling good about my fellow Perth people today, still the worlds worst drivers, but now the best train pushers.


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Wrong Track

Train runs over lovers on a train trackA word of warning dear loons do not, and I repeat, do not, choose a railway line to make drunk passionate love. Yep, you guessed it, a Ukrainian couple decided to do more than toe the line and now one is dead an the other is missing his legs. The survivor told police they “wanted to feel a sense of thrill near a railway track,”


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The Last Thing I Remember was Dusting the Dashboard

Holy Swedish meatball, Batman, a cleaning lady has managed to commandeered/steal a train and then crash it in to a house at the posh end of town. Ta-da. Swedish police are still unsure what the hell happened, whether she actually stole it or whether she had accidentally knocked a lever or two. Anywho, the train was going at about 50m/h (80km/h) when it flew off the rails, skidded across the snow and kaboomed straight into the first floor kitchen of a house. The cleaning lady is currently in hospital while  the train remains inside the house.


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Indonesian Train System Has Balls

Holy health and safety Batman. Indonesia is installing a deterent for any wouldbe cheapskate commuters aka train surfers. Yes, the contraption consists of a metal frame with a line of concrete balls dangling from it. These balls will hang just a few inches above the tops of the carriages. Hmm, now let see people try to ride on the roof now.


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Train Proof

When a freight train driver in Blenheim called police believing he had run over someone on the tracks, everyone expected to be looking for a mangled body but instead they found a drunk man still asleep between the tracks. In fact he had slept through the whole thing, despite having cuts on his forehead from the train.


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Second Racist Rant

From the same people who bought you the “racist rant on a tram” comes the second installment. Yes indeedy, another woman has also been filmed hurling abuse at passengers, this time on a train in England.

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OK, here’s the thing French amateur photographer, when sneaking into a railway yard to shoot soft porn on top of a freight train with a young model, make sure there aren’t any power lines or things that go zap. The poor guy got the shock of his life when he climbed onto a roof of a train. He’s now in a major burns unit with burns to over 50% of his body and serious legions.

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New York, New York

Holy flying hair weaves Batman, a fight on a New York subway between two women not only got ugly but one of the ladies involved in the altercation forgot she had a baby in a stroller. Poor little tyke rolled right out the train door as the women hair pulled and bitch slapped each other. Despite passengers screaming at her to get her baby she was intent in winning the fight.

Psst I hope that was a weave on the floor and not a subway rat?



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