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Second Racist Rant

From the same people who bought you the “racist rant on a tram” comes the second installment. Yes indeedy, another woman has also been filmed hurling abuse at passengers, this time on a train in England.

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OK, here’s the thing French amateur photographer, when sneaking into a railway yard to shoot soft porn on top of a freight train with a young model, make sure there aren’t any power lines or things that go zap. The poor guy got the shock of his life when he climbed onto a roof of a train. He’s now in a major burns unit with burns to over 50% of his body and serious legions.

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New York, New York

Holy flying hair weaves Batman, a fight on a New York subway between two women not only got ugly but one of the ladies involved in the altercation forgot she had a baby in a stroller. Poor little tyke rolled right out the train door as the women hair pulled and bitch slapped each other. Despite passengers screaming at her to get her baby she was intent in winning the fight.

Psst I hope that was a weave on the floor and not a subway rat?



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Pony Express

Did you hear the one about the man from Wales who tried to catch a train to Holyhead with his  pony? He was a little hoarse. CCTV caught the hilarious situation as it  unfold,  firstly the man and pony attempted to buy a ticket, before getting into an elevator and heading to the platform. When the train arrived the man tried to board  with the pony but was stopped by a bemused conductor. After a brief argument the man and beast left . Hmm, why such a long face?


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Didn’t Feel A Thing

Sheez, that's got some kick!

Imagine being so drunk that you don’t even notice getting hit by a train? Some man in Saskatoon flew through the air after being mowed down by the Canadian Pacific train while stumbling walking along the tracks. A witness who saw the impact said the guy just immediately got back up and continued walking. When police found him he had no idea what had hit him but complained of a bit of pain. He was taken to hospital with non threatening injuries. See, I told Chuck to give up the booze!


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Damn Straight It’s An Emergency

OK here’s the thing drunk German, if you step off a train to have a few puffs on your cigarette and the train takes off with your beers still on board, probably not a good idea to set off the train station’s fire alarm. Authorities were not amused.

Psst Who in their right mind would leave their beers unattended?


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Kim Jong Unny Not so Happy Birthday

Meet the fuckers!

Oh no, seems Dear Leader’s son, Kim Jong-Un, will be getting less birthday pressies this year after a train carrying the haul derailed. Of course some bastard sabotaged the friggin train, it couldn’t have possibly have been because of North Korea’s crappy railway tracks. It is believed the presents included expensive watches and TVs. Happy birthday Unny!!!


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