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Rebirth Notice

applaudTake note Cher. When an Aussie teen made the couragous move to become transgender, this is what her mum had published in the birth notice section of the local newspaper….

“In 1995 we announced the arrival of our sprogged, Elizabeth Anne as a daughter. Oops! Our bad. We would like to present our wonderful son — Kai Bogert. Loving you is the easiest thing in the world. Tidy your room.”

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Andrej Pejic is a Guy?

You know the world is in a sad state of affairs when an Aussie guy from Broadmeadows is voted 98th most beautiful woman in the world by FHM UK magazine. Sheez ladies, pick up your game. Andrej Pejic (a transgender model) beat out Lady Gaga for the spot but couldn’t get past Bar Refaeli or Chelsy Davy. Want to know who’s number one ? Rosie  Huntington-Whiteley (nope, no idea who she is!). Hmm, I don’t know who made up this list but you gotta have a red hot poker in your eye to list  Kristen Stewart  at number 13.

Want the full list? Click it!


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Transgender Prison

Darling, who wants to leave!

It never ceases to amaze me. Italy are about to open a prison for…wait for it…transgender prisoners. Geez, how many are there? Oooh and not only that but guards will be required to attend special training sessions to learn how to treat them. Evidently it is a friggin nightmare for both male and female transsexuals when thrown into a mainstream prison. It usually ends in tears and a good deal of time hiding in their cells. Around 30 transgenders will be sent to the new facility outside Florence where they can frolic around the sports field and library or spend the day producing oil and wine. The majority of transgender prisoners are behind bars for prostitution or drug related offences. Imagine how impressive their bathrooms will be?

Psst A curious loon wants to know how they mark the toilets, would it still be male and female?


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Would You Like A Lawsuit With That?

Damn you and your discriminating ways, you’re fired. McDonalds are legends in the world of anti discrimination so it seems. Why only this week they kicked a manager to the curb for refusing to hire a teen because she was transgendered. Hell, good to see they have a strict policy on something. Evidently the manager not only called Zikerria Bellamy to tell her she hadn’t got the job but he left a nasty and hateful voicemail message. Super size me! Anywho, he got sacked , she’s suing and the earth still revolves around the sun!

Psst Evidently she failed to tick ” male” or “Female” on the application form (that would seem like a trick question, right?). Geez, surely they have an option “other” in this day and age? Get with the program!


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