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Hi Mom, Can I Ask A Favor?

Ewh, a woman in the US has survived a life threatening bacterial infection in her colon by having a poo transplant. Yep, the woman’s mom provided the feces that was transplanted by colonoscopy into her colon. I’m guessing they won’t be bringing that up at dinner parties!

Want source with that?



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They Share More Than A Kidney

OK, this isn’t so much a random act of kindness as it is guilt, me thinks. A Turkish woman has received a life saving kidney from her hubby’s mistress. Evidently  Meliha Avci’s husband met Ayse Imda at the hospital where his wife was receiving treatment some five years ago and started the affair. Over the years Meliha had received blood donations from Ayse not suspecting the woman was also sleeping with her husband. Prior to the kidney offer Ayse fessed up . A grateful Meliha said “We have shared blood, we have shared my husband and now we are sharing kidneys,”


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Poop Transplant

Well, here's hoping!!!

How far would you go to save your life ?  Well, Jerry Grant is literally going to take shit from his wife to save his. Yep, poor Grant has an intestinal disease which gives him serious bouts of diarrhea. However, doctors believe by transplanting his wife’s feces into his body it might just replace the digestive bacterias he lacks and stop the runs. Hmm, now that’s love.


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