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Who Knew Fallen Trees Can Stand Back Up?

This I didn’t know. Beware loons if you came across a fallen tree. Evidently, they can spring back up and crush you, like some horror movie. Who friggin knew? A kid in Queensland is lucky to be alive after he was playing around a fallen tree when it sprang back up and crushed him under its roots. Fortunately, his quick thinking family members were able to use nearby vehicles and chains to lift the tree. He’s OK but had to nurse broken ribs and femur, two collapsed lungs and a squashed heart. Luckily, if a tree falls in Queensland you can hear a scream!

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cat 3When your neighbour’s pussycat gets stuck up a 40ft tree for 12 hours and you can’t afford the cost of an animal rescue service why wouldn’t you set up a crowd funding campaign. Four hours later and $205 raised, Boots, the orange tabby, is now back on solid ground. Sleep easy animal lovers, one less cat to worry about.


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Pack Your Bags Koala, You Are Outta Here

This is what happens when a Koala gets kicked out of its tree…. it cries…a lot. Mating season is a bitch in Oz.

PSST Evidently the sook was eventually  allowed back up.



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Look, Up In The Sky. It’s ….

That is a lotta birds …


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Beetles Kill George Harrison Tree

A memorial tree planted in LA in memory of Beatles member George Harrison has died thanks to an infestation of beetles.


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This Is Moose To Ground Control

What could be more embarrassing for a moose than getting stuck in a tree?  Probably nothing! The poor thing was just minding its own beewax, getting drunk on fermented apples, when suddenly she found herself good and wedged in the fork of the tree. Bummer! Enter a Swedish rescue crane , which managed to winch her to solid ground. Hmm, that will be one mighty hangover she’ll be nursing.



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Friggin Wheelie Bins

Deadly weapon

You know we all have to die some way, but rolling down a hill in a wheelie bin, gosh. John Peake was known as an “extreme dude” who liked better than to have a laugh, drink beer with the boys and look for an adrenaline rush. Unfortunately his life came to a sudden and tragic end after he and a friend lay on top of a wheelie bin and rode it down a steep descent in NSW. The bin hit a gutter and he flew headfirst into a tree.

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Back to nature

Tacoma Police raced to Owen Beach after a witness called 911 saying there was a naked woman tied to a tree. Whoopsie, seems like it was just a kinky couple frolicking in the park. OK, move on, nothing to see here.


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Wood Pecker!

Shall I compare thee to a Summers day

Evidently in Scotland you can get banned from parks for attempting to have sex with trees. Who Knew? William Shaw has been banned from going anywhere near Central Park in Airdrie after it was alleged he dropped his daks and undies and began humping a tree.  Oh of course he is pleading not guilty.  No word on whether the tree will be laying sexual assault charges. Geez, lucky he didn’t get any splinters! Ewh ouch!

Psst No Loons, I don’t know what type of tree but I suspect it was a hardwood!


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