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Are You Kidding?

goat 4Authorities in Chhattishgarh, India arrested a goat for trespassing in a judge’s garden. The naughty goat had jumped a fence and was munching on  flowers and vegetables when discovered. On a bright note the poor hungry beast was released on bail but the owner will face criminal charges.

PSST Lucky the goat didn’t end up in a curry….just saying


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If You Feed Squirrels They Will Come

Hey, this ain't no peanut ,lady!!!

Poor Annick Richardson is facing jail time. Her crime? Going onto other people’s property to feed peanuts to the squirrels. Yep, this Ohio women is obsessed with the welfare of her community squirrels. Hmm, her neighbors? Not so much. Evidently she has been doing it for years but the neighbors have finally had enough of the squirrels running amok. They are claiming the squirrels are hording the peanuts in air conditioners, ruining gardens and even chewing through car wiring. One neighbor had to move because her grandson has severe allergic reactions to peanuts.

Want sauce with that?


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Jesus tries to walk on oil

I just went for a dip!

Holy Silkwood Batman. Jesus Mares was arrested after he waded into oil contaminated waters off Grand Isle after it had been shut down. Authorities had to defriggindecontaminate him  after fears his body was exposed to dangerous shit. Once released from the decontamination unit he was booked with criminal trespassing. Hmm, OK, so it’s brown, sticky and friggin dangerous!!!!! Is there anything else you would like to avoid telling us?

UPDATE : Hmm, it seems that Jesus Mares was merely walking along the beach to view the oil spill when he was approached by employees of BP and an officer. Mr Mares was subsequently escorted back to his car where they searched his car without his consent. Mr Mares is currently trying to clear his name and the friggin criminal record he now has. You can read about Mares version of events here KBTX.

Psst Since when is it illegal to view something that is deemed criminal in the first place? It is amazing how BP have managed to place their spin on the situation with the full backing of authorities. Who’s running the country?


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