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UFO Over Norway, Everybody Panic!

OK, Bearman hold onto your hat, UFO wormholes in Norway! They have video footage (so it must be real) of a spiraling blue light above the skies of Trondelag. Described as a “giant blue catherine wheel” it appears to anchor itself, at one stage, to the ground with a blue beam. Despite no experts or scientists coming forward to explain the strange phenomenon, Trekkies and the likes are claiming it’s those friggin aliens again entering the earth’s atmosphere through a wormhole! So I’ll be ! I wonder what they want? Ooh some are even linking this to that friggin Hadron Collider buzzing away under the earth in Geneva. Hmm, while others are taking a less hysterical approach by saying it  could be Russia missile testing or a laser bouncing off a cloud, I suspect that Kim Jong Il maybe up to something, he’s been too damn quiet of late.

Psst If you aliens are looking for Tiger, he ain’t there…yet!

UPDATE: And the winner is …. Russian rocket. The submarine-launched missile was from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea


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