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Penile Implant Fail

Man suing after penile implant left him with 8 month erectionOMG a truck driver, who had a three piece penile implant, ended up with an erection that lasted 8 months. Yes, the dude is suing. Poor guy had to wear baggy sweat pants and long shirts to hide his permanent erection. Hmm, but it is alleged, despite his scrotum swelling to the size of a volleyball, he failed to do anything about it. It was only after the implant punctured his scrotum during a family trip to Niagara Falls did he have it removed. Unfortunately, despite getting a replacement prosthesis from another doctor his penis is now
about 50% smaller.

Want sauce with that?



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Up The Creek Without A Paddle

You know what I hate? When you are in your truck minding your own business and you get impaled by a flying canoe. I really friggin hate that.The New Zealand man was following another vehicle, which was carrying a number of canoes, when one came loose. You can pretty much guess the rest, it flew through the air, hit the windscreen and impaled him to his seat.Ouch.

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DNA Again Proves A Man’s Innocence


Well I think there may be a party going on in New York tonight in honor of Frank Sterling who has just been exonerated after spending 19 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Hallelujah for DNA people. Mr Sterling originally confessed to the murder of 74 year old Viola Manville in 1988 after being interrogated all night and then slipping into a hypnotic state. Despite years of protesting his innocence it was only recent DNA testing that vindicated the truck driver and also identified the real killer as being Mark Christie ( who has now confessed).


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Epic Hiding From Police Fail

Smarter option

Oh for goodness sakes people, burying yourself up to your neck in snow to hide from the police is only going to end in tears..or in this case hypothermia. A truck driver in Ontario, who failed to stop for police, eventually took off into the snow in hope of eluding them. His master plan was to bury himself in snow and become a needle in a haystack. I guess he didn’t count on the sniffer dogs to find him. He was taken to hospital with hypothermia and a nice string of charges including possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.


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Epic Footbridge Fail

The boss in Istanbul ain’t going to be happy nor the pedestrian who was on the footbridge at the time. Awkward.


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Don’t Eat Chili and Drive

OMG, Eric Gremm, a lumber truck driver, claims the reason he accidentally drove his truck into a Massachusetts home was because…wait for it…he choked on chili from Wendy’s and was knocked unconscious. Geez mister, are you suppose to eat while  driving? Mr Gremm said he began choking after he drove over a bump and the chili got caught in his throat . Brilliant.


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Truckie Gets An Earful Of Bluetooth

You know what I hate? When you break your cell phone’s bluetooth headset, repair it with superglue and then your boss rings. I really hate that. Gye Gardner had just finished doing a superglue repair job when his phone rang. He automatically popped the headset in his ear. It wasn’t until a good five minutes later that he realized the glue had hardened and it was stuck good and proper into his ear. Like a typical male he used a spoon to remove it, leaving several pieces of skin and pride on the earpiece.


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