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Truck on a Roll

What happens when your truck full of bread dough gets too hot? A rising yeasty mess. Motorists would be excused for having a little chuckle when dough began oozing from a truck on a Washington State highway. Sticky buns.

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Stop Dragging My Car Around

Well on a scale of 1 to awks…. a truckie was oblivious to the fact he had clipped a car and it was wedged onto the side of his rig as he barrelled down the freeway.


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Alligator 1, Truck 0


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Free Beer

Thank you

Thank you

Quick loons, to Arboga.  A truck has crashed into a railing , spilling a big friggin load of beer. Ohhh, does anyone know Swedish,  just in case we have to ask for directions?


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Sticky Situation

Truck spills glue on a road in ScotlandA road in Scotland was closed for 12 hours after a truck carrying glue jackknifed and dropped its container. The mass of liquid glue engulfed the lorry and a car before flowing  up to the doorstep of a nearby house . Local road workers used grit to cover the glue. Hmm, glue and grit would make a nice friggin rock!!!!


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Swedish Nuclear Power Plants on High Alert

No need to panic Sweden, but some explosives were found on a truck which was about to enter a nuclear power plant. Lucky for those routine security checks. The silly bugger who had planted the explosive devices in the vehicle had failed to attach a detonator making it impossible to kaboom. Hmm, unless they were sneaking it in in pieces.


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Body On Roof Of Truck

A motorist on the I-95 in Fairfax rang police after noticing a body on top of a truck. The tractor-trailer was later stopped by police and sure enough, yep, there was a body on the roof of the truck. So far no one has any explanation about how the body got up there or who it is.

Psst How come it didn’t roll off?


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Truck Full of Bees Overturns

You know what I hate? When a truck full of about 25 million angry bees overturns on a highway and they get all swarmy. I really friggin hate that! The driver of the semi has been taken to hospital in Utah after the bees turned on him and police have asked drivers to keep their windows closed until they work out how the hell they are going to round them all up. Hmm, good luck with that!


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Obama Lost For Words

OMG, Obama has lost his TOTUS and is believed to be inconsolable. Hello, he is rarely seen without it. The teleprompter was inside a truck that was stolen during his trip to Chesterfield. Also inside the truck were the Obama’s podiums, audio equipment and presidential seals but he doesn’t give a Honeybadger about that, he just wants his TOTUS back. Come on, give the President back his TOTUS!

Psst : Isn’t Mega currently in the US? Hmm????

2nd Psst There is even a friggin blog dedicated to Obama’s TOTUS!


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Toilet Rolls Clog River

Oh for crying out loud, don’t bother taking out your camera to snap a shot of the scenic Lochsa River in Idaho anytime soon. It’s full of friggin megarolls of toilet paper. Yes, that’s right you heard me, toilet paper, thanks to a truck rollover (yes, there were skid marks!). The 8 rolls of unprocessed paper weigh about 8,000 pounds each…OK, scrap that, the waterlogged rolls weigh about 30,000 each now. Two were eventually fished out with a cable and tow truck but the rest remain wedged in an unreachable area. Fears are the rolls will break up and send big clumps of paper further down the river. Hmm, well at least the campers will be happy.


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