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OK, Now It’s My Turn

Don’t like it when the tables are turned huh? A woman was arrested after she groped a Transportation Security Administration worker after she was patted down at the Florida Airport. Seems the woman, who happens to be an ex TSA agent, felt she had been inappropriately touched and was just returning the favor.


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Stupidest Thing You Will See All Day

The TSA searching a three year old at O’Hare airport, who is not only in a wheelchair but wearing a cast on his leg. Meanwhile his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother were left to look on, as  the boy was the only one singled out. The poor little tyke was on his way to visit Disney Land. Hmm, that will be the scariest ride he’ll ever be on!!!

Psst  Talk about a toothless tiger, if truth be told TSA can’t be seen to be picking on people of Middle Eastern or Asian appearance as that would be considered racist!!!


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My Undies Are Like A Shield Of Steel

Jeff Buske is a  legend. No seriously, a friggin legend. He’s invented  TSA scanner proof undies which guarantees your privates won’t be seen on the screen. Bravo. Yes, the “fig leaf” or “clasped hand” design contains a powdered metal which blocks the X-ray from having a perv AND the added bonus, it doesn’t set off the metal detectors.

Psst Just hope that powdered metal doesn’t make your balls drop off!


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Thought of the Day

That ain't no pat down!

Peter Rez, a professor of physics at Arizona State University, reckons the probability of getting a fatal dose of cancer from a TSA airport scanner is about 1 in 30 million. However, if the friggin scanner jams you could be radiated to kingdom come. With that in mind Professor Raz said “I opt not to go through [the scanner], because I don’t know what the probability of failure is,”  Hmm, that pat down line is getting awfully long! Could you just move your hand to the left and down a bit , I have an itch…thanks!


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We Have a Bleeder

Oh dear god, I don’t want you to panic ladies but evidently TSA has admitted airport scanners can detect if you are wearing sanitary napkins. Oh and don’t get me started on tampons. One horrified blogger wondered if women might be forced to pull out their tampons to prove they aren’t concealing a stick of dynamite. Urgh, and just to get everyone into the panic mood, a doc at Johns Hopkins University says there is a risk (abet a mini one) travelers could get skin cancer from these X-rays.Oh well, I’m just going to go for the molestation pat down on my next trip..win/win!


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