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Wilson Will Be Jealous

It’s been over a year but a soccer ball from the 2011 Japanese tsunami has washed up on a beach in Alaska. The man who found it had his wife, who happens to be Japanese, translate the writing on the ball and they were able to reunite it with its owner, teenager Misaki Murakami. Hmm, standby Alaskan/ Japanese interpreters there is probably a few thousand  more tons of debris heading your way.


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What Took You So Long?

Cast you minds back about seven years ago when the devastating tsunami washed away thousands of people in Asia. Well, guess what? They have found one of the victims alive. Yes, a now 15 year old girl known as Wati  has been found living on the streets in a nearby city. When the tsunami hit her Indonesian village on Boxing Day, 2004, she was swept away in a wave of water and presumed dead. Somehow she has managed to survive all these years wandering the streets trying to find her way home. When the girl wandered into a cafe in Meulaboh and told her story to staff they tracked down her family despite Wati only remembering her grandfather’s name.


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Tsunami Escape Pod Anyone?

It didn’t take long. A Japanese company is making a fortune building Tsunami escape pods. Yep, the fiberglass contraption is called Noah,  floats, has a pole to hang on to and can hold up to four adults . It will set you back $4,000. So far over 600 of these bright yellow pods have been sold.

Psst I wonder if I could buy mine in red, with maybe some nice seating and  a snack bar as it could be a long wait bobbing out to sea!


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The Worlds Biggest Floating Garbage Dump Heading to the US

Arigatou gozaimasu

Hey loons, remember that Japanese tsunami ? Ever wondered where all that debris went after it got sucked into the ocean? You know all the TVs, fridges, furniture and general ruble etc. Hmm, well it’s heading to Hawaii at a great rate of knots and is expected to arrive in less than two years.Sheez, some of those tellys will be out of date by then!. Whoops, did I happen to mention that there is about 20 million tons of this crap? Currently the floating garbage dump is 2,000 miles from Japan and should hit the US coast in less than three years. Poor US, now they not only got to clean up their own backyard to clean up they got other people’s shit to clean up too.


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It’s Safe In Japan

Here’s a question loons. Guess what the search parties are finding 100s of washed up on the shores after the Japanese tsunami? Take a wild guess? Metal safes, friggin hundreds and hundreds of them but in typical Japanese style they remain unopened and stored at police stations waiting for their owners to come forward. It has long been a problem in Japan where elderly people like to stash their cash at home. It is one main reason why it is estimated $350 billion worth of yen doesn’t circulate. In Japan it is called ‘tansu yokin’ (wardrobe savings). Anywho there are so many safes (presumably full of valuables and cash) being collected and handed over to police they are struggling to find storage space for them all. Many survivors are believed to have been left penniless after storing their life savings in safes instead of the banks. In a desperate effort to locate the owners police are considering opening the safes in the hope of finding some kind of identification inside.

Psst What an amazing culture, in any other country in the world those safes would never have made it to a police station. We have a lot to learn.


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Tsunami Dog Reunited With Owner

OMG, grab your Kleenex again loons. Remember the pooch who survived living on a roof in the sea for 3 weeks after surviving the Japanese earthquake? Well, she’s been reunited with her owner. Ban, the two year old pooch, evidently barked and then leaped into the arms of her owner during the tearful reunion.


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Miracle Dog Survives Tsunami

Kleenex alert loons. OMG , we have a miracle. This Friday a Japan Coast Guard Elite Rescue Unit rescued a dog found adrift on a roof at sea. Yes, the pooch had been floating around the sea since the tsunami hit Japan on March 11th. The rescue unit, nicknamed “sea monkeys”, originally attempted to save the dog by helicopter but the noise scared the living daylights out of it, so they sent a boat instead.  The dog, who was wearing a collar, was extremely friendly (I would be too if I was rescued from sea) and happy to chomp down on biscuits and sausages ( I, not so much). No one is quite sure if the dog spent the entire three weeks adrift  but they do know one thing… its a friggin miracle.


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So What Did You Miss?

So what did you miss while your eyes were glued to the Japanese disaster? Well, Gaddafi’s  army are “marching to cleanse the country” of insurgents and basically anyone who says nasty things about him. Mel Gibson pleaded no contact contest to whacking his woman and got himself community service (which he plans to do at his ex wife’s charity). Lindsay  Lohan vacated her condo in Venice (California) for fear she would be swept away by the tsunami and then have to explain that to the judge!Charlie Sheen called Jon Cryer a troll. Jon cryer confesses to being one. Oh and Burger King’s global chief executive Bernardo Hees called British food…..crap…. and their women unattractive. So basically the world’s still revolving if not a little off its axis!


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Tsunami Survivor Found Alive In Sea

Over here!

Hiromitsu Shinkawa is one lucky man. The 60 year old was found clinging to a piece of wreckage 15km out to sea. Yep, 15kms . Evidently he and his house got swept out to sea, following the tsunami, so he grabbed hold of a piece of roof and hung there for 2 days until he was spotted by Maritime Self-Defence Force destroyer.



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Japan Hit By Massive Earthquake and Devastating Tsunami

BREAKING NEWS – Japan has just been hit by an 8.8 earthquake and is currently being swamped by enormous tsunamis. Horrifying footage is being beamed live across the world of houses, bridge, cars, people being swept away by powerful water surges.  Less than an hour after the earthquake hit Japan’s foreign minister requested foreign aid. This isn’t going to end well.

Thoughts and prayers to the  people of Japan. Stay strong.



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