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So That’s Why He Lost His Grip!

You know what I hate? When you lose 4 fingers playing tug-of-war. I really friggin hate that. Jim Thurber was participating in a tug-of-war event at a festival at Bear River when his fingers got caught and well you know they rest. Messy! Luckily surgeons were able reattach the severed fingers. However, I suspect he is going to get sick of people asking him “What the hell happened?”


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How Exciting

OK Loons, I was searching for a news story and came across this photo…..kind of made me forget about what it was all about.

Psst Do you think the journo chose this deliberately?

He had been certainly tugging something!


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Tug-of-War Can Be Dangerous

Man loses hand during tug-of-warHere is something you don’t hear about every day. A Chinese man has reportedly lost his hand during a game of tug-of-war (ouch).An innocent game on the beach turned into a nightmare for Mr Shi when he took the back position and wrapped the rope around his wrist.After the game looked like it was going to end in a draw the crowd decided to join in,  not knowing that Mr Shi’s hand was still in the rope. A few hard tugs too many and the hand ripped off. Oh dear ,the game eventually came to a halt when they noticed Mr Shi’ was holding up his handless limb. After a 5 hour operation to reattach the hand, doctors are still not certain it can be saved.


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